The dog approached the volunteers, put his head in his hands, and fell exhausted.

The dog approached the volunteers, put his head in his hands, and fell exhausted.

Tyson was often seen in Perm, most often he lived in wastelands. In winter, severe frosts hit, Tyson, the owner of short hair, would have had a hard time in such weather, so Elena decided to help him. Tyson’s reaction to people surprised the woman, although she has long been engaged in animal volunteering and has seen different situations.

When the volunteers came into Tyson’s field of vision, he approached the people and collapsed exhausted at their feet. The dog immediately shows that he used to have a house: he pays attention to what people say and understands if he is asked for something. Severe frosts exhausted the remnants of his strength and on the street he simply died a slow death.

Elena took the dog under her care, she is given all possible assistance, which, however, is not enough to cover all expenses. In addition to paying for overexposure, money is also needed for food, visits to the veterinarian and vaccinations.

Tyson won’t live long on the street. Winter became a real test for the dog, when he saw people, he fell near them from impotence and could not even get up to jump into the car on his own. Tyson was carried into the car in his arms.

Now he warmed up and ate, he wholeheartedly trusts people and believes that everything will turn out well in his life. I have no such confidence. So far, Tyson is only one of the ten wards of his curator, which means that while he has neither a home nor an owner.

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