The cuddling kittens struggled to survive on the street for days.

The cuddling kittens struggled to survive on the street for days.

Two kittens were left all alone on the street of a city in America called Phoenix. Before the arrival of the rescue squad, they somehow managed to survive on their own.

The founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, Melinda Blaine, only recently heard of the existence of these kittens. She decided to take them to her in order to cure and feed them.

it seems incredible that these babies could survive for so long together, without a mother or any kind of help. They were always together and they immediately screamed heart-rendingly if someone tried to separate them from each other.

The boy was named Buddha, and the girl was named Bonsai. Both kittens had abrasions on

their feet. Melinda gave the kids pills so that no infection developed.

Immediately after being fed, the kittens fell asleep, hugging each other. They needed to come to their senses and have a good rest, they went through incredibly strong stress.

Just one day later, Bonsai gained 15 grams in weight. Her paws were more injured than her friend’s, but she was still cheerful and surprised everyone around her with her energy.

Bonsai, ignoring her pain, lay back and presented herself to people to be stroked. Ten days later, the kittens eyes opened and their bellies bulged from stable feeding.

Kittens were quickly trained to tray and solid food. There were no problems with them.

Bonsai and Buddha purr very often for no particular reason. These are very affectionate kittens who are always happy to show their love.

And they always try to stay together no matter what. An amazing example of affection!

These kids are worthy of love like no other. However, Bonsai and Buddha are still too small, they should stay at the shelter and grow up a little.

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