The chilled cat knocked on the window asking for help.

The chilled cat knocked on the window asking for help.

Winter morning in the Canadian Quebec turned out frosty, on the streets almost no one was. It was all the more surprising for one of the local residents to hear a knock on the window. The sound was very faint, but the woman decided to check what had happened and opened the curtain. Through the glass, a ginger cat was looking at her, pawing on the window and crying, asking for help. The owner of the house took a picture of the cat and sent the picture to a special service that deals with homeless animals.

Rescuers quickly picked up the cat and took it to the doctor. The animal was not afraid of people, went into the carrier itself and didn’t resist during the inspection. There were many wounds on his body.

The veterinarian did not find the collar and the chip, the cat was not neutered. In the same time. It was clear from the animal that it had recently come to the street, and before that it had lived in a house. Most likely, the owners took the cat as a toy, and when he got tired of it, they just sent it outside. The fact that it was winter outside did not stop the careless owners, and they are very harsh in Canada.

The kitten was nicknamed in honor of the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia — Aslan.

Health problems in the cat were found quite a few — a wound on the side. From which blood seeped, frostbite, worms, dental problems and diabetes. For the first few days, Aslan was treated intensively, injecting drugs with a dropper. The animal endured all medical procedures steadfastly, only occasionally stretching its paw out of the cage to get a share of support from people.

After the main part of the treatment was over, they wanted to register Aslan as a homeless person, but the photo of the cat knocking on the house, which had time to go online, made him famous and new owners were already waiting for him.

Aslan has become a playful and loving cat, however, he still doesn’t like to go out.

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