The cat, who had just given birth to kittens, asked for help in the heat, but everyone passed by.

The cat, who had just given birth to kittens, asked for help in the heat, but everyone passed by.

About a pregnant cat that suffers from heat and asks passers-by for water, I learned in May thanks to a post on the social network.

The volunteer who posted this story promised to take care of the animal, but time passed, and the cat was still on the street.

At first, the volunteer simply ignored the messages, then she wrote that she was sending other animals, but she had no time left for this cat. Then I found out that she sent two cats, one of the animals was with VIC, the second arrived very dirty. The pregnant cat was left unattended.

Once again inquiring about the condition of the cat, I found out that one day ago she gave birth.

Gave birth to a cat on the street, and remained there, still tormented by hunger and thirst. Why did people not want to help and what should the cat do in such a situation? Why did passers-by find time to take a photo of the animal, but not to bring him water? For myself, I cannot answer these questions.

According to the volunteer, the cat had 5 babies, but one of them was taken by the children to play, so he probably no longer exists.

This cat ended up in Perm only 9 days after the post that interested me appeared.

The condition of the animal was appalling. Doctors insisted on antibiotic therapy, but this meant that the kittens had little chance of surviving. With mother’s milk, kittens will receive too high a dose of drugs, their body will not be able to cope with such a load. The lack of treatment for the cat also threatened the death of her babies, already from the infection itself. It is also impossible to separate mother and babies — kittens will be outside the protection of maternal immunity and will not survive.

People showed indifference, and 5 kids have to pay for it. It’s hard for me to hold back tears, for several days I can’t calm down. There is no way out of this situation…

If this cat and her babies do not survive, I am afraid, and for me it will be the last straw…

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