The cat, which the owners abandoned in the winter in the village, ate grain from despair.

The cat, which the owners abandoned in the winter in the village, ate grain from despair.

The cat Julia was rescued by volunteers  just before the winter holidays. The animal was reported by the inhabitants of one of the villages, in whose house she was. The locals noticed that the cat had been in a trap and turned to animal rights activists.

When the volunteers came for the animal, it turned out that the cat has owners, but they left and will return in one month. The owners simply left the cat outside, despite the fact that it was winter.

On the way to the veterinarian, the cat wanted to use the toilet and, unexpectedly for people, it was discovered that the cat was eating grain. When this story hit social networks, many commentators suggested that the animal was hiding from the cold in barns, but wondered why she ate grain, and not mice, which usually come to barns in winter for food.

Misunderstandings arose due to social media censorship. This cat could not catch mice — after meeting with a trap, the animal did not have a paw.

Help from caring people helped pay bills from the veterinarian, as well as buy food and everything necessary for the cat to be able to live on overexposure.

Many people fell in love with the cat’s huge green eyes, so it spends little time overexposing.

Julia really liked one of the women who has been helping stray animals for several years. So the girl got to a loving mistress and became part of a large family in which there are both dogs and cats.

Julia quickly got used to her new home. She soon forgot about her ordeals on the village streets, because now she has a warm home, delicious food, friends, and most importantly, owners who sincerely love her.

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