The cat was surprised when they brought him a puppy. What happened next.

The cat was surprised when they brought him a puppy. What happened next.

When the dog died, the man experienced real grief, along with him the loss of a friend was experienced by the cat Cake. After a while, the pain of loss began to recede a little, and the man realized that a new dog was needed in the house, so there was a small puppy in the house.

For Cake, the appearance of a newcomer in the house was a real surprise, he was completely unprepared for the fact that there would be a new animal in the house, especially since the two-month-old puppy was several times larger than the cat in size.

The man got a Leonberger, and these dogs grow really huge.

The puppy did not understand well that in the eyes of a cat he was a real giant, therefore, due to his childhood, he constantly tried to play with the cat. The cat took such funny flirting with horror. Among other things, the dog also began to look into Cake’s bowl…

Grinding pets to each other was long, but now, after 10 months of living together, they became best friends.

We are convinced that quarrels between cats and dogs exist only in the imagination of those who have never kept these animals, and in life they get along very well with each other. Of course, there are cats and dogs that can’t stand each other, but there are very few such couples, they are the exception rather than the rule.

The cat Cake and the puppy Leva found a common language perfectly. They do everything together, for example, wake up the owner, eat together. Leva, using her size, often gets delicious treats for Cake, which he cannot get on his own.

The dog even learned to open packages of cat treats for a friend, because Cake cannot do this with his paws.

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