The cat was sitting in front of the closed door of the apartment and didn’t understand why he was not allowed to go home.

The cat was sitting in front of the closed door of the apartment and didn’t understand why he was not allowed to go home.

Once, in urban groups, ther was appeared an announcement about a cat, which the owners left at the entrance, when they were moving to a new place of residence. The cat did not go anywhere from the place where it was left, probably hoped that the owners would return for it. Several days passed in this way.

It is difficult to imagine what feelings this cat, sitting near the closed door, experienced.

Some of the neighbors fed it, but cat interfered with someone, and they wanted to drive it out into the street. It is very difficult for domestic cats to adapt to outdoor conditions, so many of them do not survive there. The cat urgently needed to be rescued.

After finding out the address of the house where the cat was, the volunteer went to the place. She was told that the cat is afraid of people and is not given to hands. Therefore, the woman asked her son to help her catch the cat .

Arriving at the place, the volunteer immediately saw the cat, but it immediately disappeared. Glancing around the entire entrance, she saw the animal, stretched out her arms to it, expecting it to run away again. But, surprisingly, it allowed itself to be taken in her arms, accompanying the whole process with its purr.

The first thing that the woman decided to do was to take the cat to trim its fur, as it was all matted and represented one large clump. After the haircut, it became clear that it is a boy .

The fur hid a thin, wounded body, in which insects had already wound up.

This was followed by an examination by a veterinarian. Weight — two and a half kilograms, age — three years. No more deviations from the norm were found in him, help arrived in time.

The cat very quickly adapted to the new place of residence. He managed to make friends with his brothers and dogs, shows affection for people. It is noticeable that he greatly yearned for attention and care.

Now the cat is called Gray, he has an excellent appetite, thanks to which, he will soon gain weight. He received all the necessary vaccinations and was treated for parasites. Now we are awaiting castration .

The cat is waiting for its new owner, who will never give or leave his friend. There is no excuse for such an act.

Gray is now in the Kursk region.

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