The cat was lying on the road all wet, breathing heavily and could not get up.

The cat was lying on the road all wet, breathing heavily and could not get up.

Returning home from a walk, I noticed a cat on the road, which I could not pass by.

The cat was completely wet, but not from water, but from saliva. The cat was breathing, there was life in his eyes, but he could not rise from the ground on his own. I carefully lifted the animal and with all my strength rushed home.

At home, the cat was carefully transferred to a box, and my husband and I immediately went to the nearest veterinary clinic.

In the car, the cat began to gradually come to life and I even managed to hear his quiet meow, although the animal did not have enough strength to move.

The veterinarian suggested that the cat had been attacked by dogs. Outwardly, there were no visible severe injuries: to diagnose internal ones, it was necessary to conduct an examination and wait for the results of the tests. While the doctor told the cat to warm and provide rest, and also to drink chicken broth. 

At first we were advised to watch the cat so as not to miss it if it gets worse.

Sleep on the first night was out of the question. Vinny, as I called the cat, did not touch either the water or the broth, he just lay there, and I listened to his heavy breathing. After a few hours, he gained strength and carefully climbed out of the box. Every few minutes I looked into the room to check the animal and what was my surprise when on my next visit I saw Vinny not in a box, but on the sofa. My hope that the cat would live until the morning from that was greatly strengthened and I was able to fall asleep.

In the morning I found Vinny under the table, his bowl was empty, which I took as a very good sign. In the morning, Vinny again ate everything that I poured for him. Once an appetite has appeared, things are on the mend. I once again carefully examined the cat and found a couple of superficial wounds, which I carefully processed.

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