The cat spends whole days with his master, who is no longer in this world.

The cat spends whole days with his master, who is no longer in this world.

The cat spent days sitting at the tombstone in the local cemetery. The woman noticed him first, but then the presence of the cat was noticed by other people. Of greatest interest was the fact that the cat was always near the same grave.

Jessie, the woman who spotted the cat, decided to come closer. The cat sat at the grave with the inscription: «Ibu Kundari». The dates on the tombstone indicated the person’s recent death, so Jessie thought the deceased had taken care of the cat earlier.

The animal came to the cemetery every day and lay on the tombstone, when it got dark, he left, but no one knew where the cat spent the night. Because of the work, Jessie often faces suffering, but even for her, the picture of the cat mourning at the grave turned out to be too sad to leave everything as it is.

The woman wanted to take the cat home, but she did not succeed. The cat was categorically opposed to leaving the grave, so it was never given into hands, and then, at the first opportunity, ran away to its usual place.

Jessie decided to leave the cat where she was, but bring him food. Every day she came to the cemetery and fed the cat. The cat turned out to be very picky, most likely the owner spoiled him in the past. Jessie quickly found out that the cat was not interested in simple food and studied his diet. Sometimes the cat was even willing to play with the woman.

Jessie wrote about an unusual cat in social networks. She admired the pet’s devotion, and she also suggested that its owner was a wonderful person to deserve such devotion. Now people feed the animal and do not interfere with him visiting the owner every day.

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