The cat sat in the cold and pressed his sore paw.

The cat sat in the cold and pressed his sore paw.

In the last days of autumn, a cat was often noticed near one of the hotels. The animal turned out to be large and surprisingly friendly, it easily made contact with people. One of the local residents began to bring food to the cat, but the owner of the hotel was against the fluffy guest and threatened to get rid of him.

The woman feeding the cat turned to volunteers for help. The cat needed a home, as well as the help of a veterinarian, because the red cat often performed a ritual uncharacteristic for these animals — he raised his paw and squinted.

One of the volunteers found a place for overexposure, because recently the girl managed to attach all the homeless cats she took care of. As practice shows, it is worth distributing cats, as soon as new animals appear, which are looking for a new home.

The nurse helped us catch the cat, the volunteer held him in her arms all the way home, but despite this, the animal screamed all the time. At first, the cat was placed in an apartment in a cage so that he could adapt to new conditions and get used to the tray.

The cat was named Simba and taken to the vet. The doctor found fleas, worms, ticks in the ears, a cold, frostbite of the ear in the cat. The cat’s paw was also injured, but it had already grown together incorrectly, and the doctor said that nothing could be done. The injured paw did not cause concern to the cat, just, according to the doctor, it quickly froze and the cat pressed it in an attempt to warm it. The cat turned out to be an adult, about 6 years old.

Simba was treated and castrated, after which they began to search for a family for him. On the last day of the year, the cat went on probation to a new family. As a dowry, he received a tray-house. Simba stayed on probation for only 3 days, after which the owners said that he became a member of their family and they were not going to return the cat.

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