The cat really wanted to find owner for itself, and raised its paw to every passerby.

The cat really wanted to find owner for itself, and raised its paw to every passerby.

Most homeless animals dream of finding a family.and in order to achieve what they want, cats come up with various tricks, for example, break into human dwellings and stay there to live, try to pity a potential owner with their dreary meowing, and some rely on their attractive appearance. In general, everyone gets out as best he can. But today we will tell you about another, no less unusual way of finding a host.

13-year-old cat Chloe recently lost her owner, to whom she came as a kitten. She was taken to the animal shelter. For Chloe, this event was a real shock, since she had never been to such places before. She was placed in a cage, like the rest of the animals. And there were a lot of strangers there. Despite everything, the cat felt the need for a caring owner. And in order to attract the attention of people who visited the shelter, she held out her paw to them.

And, after a while, this method worked on a girl named Terry. As she walked past Chloe, Chloe waved her paw at her. The surprised girl could not pass by such an amazing kitty and decided to take her to her. The shelter staff told the girl the story of Chloe, which touched her to the core.

Since then, the cat and her new owner have never been separated. Chloe has regained her joy in life. Only occasionally there are still moments when she sits thoughtfully and motionless, as if immersed in memories. And so, this is quite an ordinary pet, which every morning wakes up the hostess with his purr and loves when she is picked up.

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