The cat «neatly» hinted that we still have money for a tasty treat.

The cat «neatly» hinted that we still have money for a tasty treat.

It always seemed to me that my cat understands human language. Sometimes it seemed to me that it was listening to all our conversations, so that later it could tell other cats about what was happening in the house. Once the cat put me in an uncomfortable position.

Our family is financially constrained, so we don’t buy food for Mish, but give him what remains with us after eating. Several times I brought my pet inexpensive food, a bag of which costs about ten rubles.

The cat really liked the purchased food. When I gave him regular food, he sometimes even staged a protest, begging for food. When he started meowing again in the hope that I would fulfill his request, I said:

“So, Mish, we don’t have money to feed you now. Therefore, go to the bowl and eat what we put in».

Mish immediately ran into another room, jumped over the sofa and climbed out holding a 10-ruble coin in his paws. There was a feeling that he knows the cost of feed and asks to buy his favorite delicacy. I wouldn’t even be surprised if I find out that my cat has read this article.

That day I bought his favorite food. I think Mish deserves it.

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