The cat lived soul to soul with the cat all his life and did not leave her in terrible trouble.

The cat lived soul to soul with the cat all his life and did not leave her in terrible trouble.

This touching story took place in South Korea. Even representatives of TV channels could not pass by such a plot. Do you want to know what happened?

The cat named Habi and the cat Horang lived on the street for a long time. This pair was distinguished from other street animals by the warm relationship that developed between the cats. The animals loved each other and were always together. Locals often saw these cats, they did everything together: looking for food, basking in the sun, sleeping. It was much easier for two cats to survive the hardships and dangers that life on the street is filled with.

Once Horang had a misfortune, she fell under the wheels of a car. The cat’s hind legs were injured, in a state of shock, she hardly crawled to her usual place, where her strength left her and she could no longer get up.

Habi did his best to help his girlfriend, he drove away other animals from her, made sure that she had food, tried to warm her with the heat of his own body. Not all people are so reverently caring for their soulmate, as Habi did. The efforts of the cat and his devotion to his beloved were simply amazing.

One day, Habi went to the market to get food. He asked for food from a woman who had fed him more than once before. The woman has already noticed several times that, having taken food, the cat does not eat it, but immediately runs away somewhere. She decided to find out why he was doing this and followed the cat. Seeing that instead of eating himself, Habi brought food to a sick friend, the woman almost burst into tears.

A woman took a picture of this unusual couple and wrote about them on social networks. The story quickly spread on the net and representatives of the animal protection service found out about the cats, who took both cats from the street. Horang received much-needed treatment, her paws were saved and restored. Habi also received veterinary care.

Popularity helped cats find a new home and owners. We don’t know if the animals stayed together or are now living separately, but we believe that now their lives have become much better, because they are safe and taken care of by people who love them.

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