The cat had to eat sweets for 3 weeks until she arrived from Ukraine to Israel.

The cat had to eat sweets for 3 weeks until she arrived from Ukraine to Israel.

Having entered the cargo container, the cat made a journey from Ukraine to Israel.

The cat lived in Odessa, but one day, driven by some of her own reasons, she decided to climb into a container filled with sweets. It is possible that the cat just wanted sweets.

The container went from Odessa to Israel for three weeks. During the sea voyage, the cat didn’t show up from the container and behaved so quietly that none of the crew members even suspected that she was on board. They saw the cat only in the port of Haifa. When the representative of the forwarding company opened the container, he found not only sweets, but also an unexpected guest. Witnesses of this incident were genuinely surprised.

Many are perplexed that the cat ate for three weeks while the ship was at sea? According to the crew, many boxes in the container were gnawed and the sweets they contained were bitten. The cat turned out to be a real sweet tooth and tried a lot of what was in the container. There was no water in the container, but the sailors are convinced that the animal drank the condensate that formed on the walls of its temporary shelter.

The cat survived the road without any problems, according to the sailors, this is a rarity for animals.

The freight forwarders picked up the recording from the surveillance cameras and found out that the cat got into the container in Odessa while it was being loaded.

Upon arrival in Haifa, the cat was quarantined. Thanks to its journey, the animal has become very popular in Israel, many families from this country have already expressed a desire to take it into their home. While the question of the future fate of the animal has not been resolved, but I want to believe that she made such a long journey to a new, happier life.

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