The cat gave birth and immediately realized how hard it is to raise her kittens.

The cat gave birth and immediately realized how hard it is to raise her kittens.

Having a baby is a big responsibility. But an even greater responsibility is his upbringing. Nature is arranged in such a way that, as a rule, one child is born to people, it very rarely happens that more, but even one baby brings a lot of trouble to the lives of adults.

How do you deal with having babies with animals? After all, cats and dogs can have three or more cubs at a time. Now you will learn everything from a person who witnessed the events. The story was told by a girl who has a cat.

“Recently, my young pedigreed cat gave birth for the first time, and five babies at once. Accordingly, she still has no experience in this matter, and books on caring for kittens for cat mothers have not yet been invented so that they can read and learn, and she did not want to watch educational videos about raising kittens.

Eventually, the cat got lost. She sometimes fell into a stupor when the kittens began to squeak all together. The cat did not understand what to do with this horde. She had to show everything herself, put her down and lay the babies in a row on their boobs so that they would calm down, and the young mother would stop being nervous from their screams.

After she had eaten, the cat had to lick them all, because they still did not know how to take care of themselves due to their age. Every time the cat went about her business, leaving the kittens, they began to squeak heart-rendingly, which made the young mother rush about, not knowing what to do. Sometimes I had to replace her, because it was clear that it was very difficult for her.

After a few days of such care for the kittens, the cat began to come to me at night and sleep with me for a couple of hours, why does this surprise me so much? Because she had never done this before. I tried many times to take her with me, but every time she ran away. And now you can see how she comes to me very tired and immediately turns off.

Do not worry Uly, we will grow and educate them together.»

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