The cat adopted six abandoned puppies and fed them with mice.

The cat adopted six abandoned puppies and fed them with mice.

It is not clear how it happened that six puppies lost their mother. Only one thing was clear — if they were not helped, the kids were doomed to certain death. The kids are very lucky. They were found by a cat, in which paternal feelings for the crumbs woke up. He decided to take responsibility for the puppies. Surprising, but it happens.

The cat caught mice on its own and brought them to the puppies as food. Also, the cat got lizards and birds for the dogs so that they would not starve. The cat not only fed the crumbs, but also monitored their hygiene. This family was discovered by a volunteer group in the forest belt of one of the districts of Anapa.

The cat brought people. He began to scream wildly, and then led them after him. Of course, at first no one understood what the animal wanted. The situation was extraordinary. Nevertheless, the puppies were full, they had no problems with their well-being. Very rarely in nature there are situations when a male cat takes care of someone else’s offspring. With cats such cases were repeatedly. Therefore, the hero of this story has long been considered a mother, not a father.

When it was warm outside, the puppies, along with their foster dad, lived in a booth that people had set up for them. As soon as the cold came, the family was taken into the house.

The owners built a warm house for the dogs. First, a cat entered inside and critically assessed the situation. The puppies followed.

Dogs grew by leaps and bounds. They slept right on top of the cat. There were fears that soon the dogs would simply crush the adoptive parent. Volunteers took the cat home. Upon closer inspection, they finally realized that he was a dad, not a mom.

Kitty continued to visit his adopted children. Only mice and birds he no longer brought them. The cat saw that the crumbs were already well fed.

Soon the puppies were distributed. The cat was very sad. Volunteers decided to find a cat’s family. It was taken by an older man. Recently, a cat, very similar to our hero, died with his wife. The couple named the cat Marsy. It is worth noting that in the new house Marsy never opened the hunt for mice and birds.

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