The car moved away from the dog and 9 puppies. They only left the box.

The car moved away from the dog and 9 puppies. They only left the box.

The dog had no chance to catch up with the car, and the drivers were not going to stop to make it easier for her and drove past at high speed. The mother dog decided not to try her luck any more and returned to the box in which her babies were lying.

Taking care of her cubs, the dog had no time to reflect on what had happened and think about the future, all her thoughts were occupied with babies.

A box instead of a house.

The cardboard box in which the family lived quickly fell into disrepair, but passers-by preferred not to notice it. Most simply went about their business, some treated the dog to a sausage bought from a store nearby. There was also someone who noticed that the box would not last long and built a house for the family.

The house was quite flimsy, but still could protect from the rain. Man put hay on the floor, because the family was quite warm and comfortable. Elena and her husband took patronage over the kids — every day they came to feed their mother and her puppies, and also tried to find a home for them, constantly talking about the kids to everyone they knew and posting on the Internet. Puppies through their efforts have found a new home.

As soon as there were fewer babies, someone threw 3 more puppies to the booth. Masha, as they called the mother-dog, accepted them and began to take care of them as well as she took care of her own.

Thanks to social networks, we managed to find new owners for all the kids, and over time, Masha also got a new home.

It was not easy for Masha to adapt to a new life. The dog missed the kids and could not get used to the new house. It seemed that strength and optimism had left her. The new owners tried to explain to the dog that she had a new life and that they would not offend her, they said that her babies were doing well.

Masha listened attentively and looked into people’s eyes, as if trying to understand whether they were telling her the truth or deceiving her. After a huge number of such conversations, the dog was finally able to believe in the sincerity of people and thawed out.

Masha came to her senses, again became kind and sympathetic. She follows her masters everywhere and is always the first to meet guests, because she knows that only good people come to this house.

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