Son kicked mother's dog out of the house immediately after she was taken to the hospital.

Son kicked mother’s dog out of the house immediately after she was taken to the hospital.

When Lia’s owner was taken away by an ambulance with a stroke, the dog could not find a place for itself. Day and night, Lia rushed around the house and howled, worrying about her beloved person. Lia was loved and spoiled by her mistress, therefore, being on the street, she experienced great stress.

The woman’s son did not take care of Lia while his mother was in the hospital, he simply took the dog away from home and left it on the street. We learned about the disappearance of Lia from the neighbors, after that we tried to call the son of her mistress, but he did not pick up the phone.

For several weeks we were looking for Lia in the neighboring streets, but everything was in vain. I only had bad thoughts. Previously, Lia was my ward, she felt responsible for her, in addition, she understood that it was unlikely that someone had taken her from the street.

Lia was found two weeks later, thin, barely able to stand from hunger. Despite everything, Lia continued to believe that people would help her, because she grew up in love.

Trying to find food, Lia came to the house, and its residents wrote about the dog on the social network.

It was not difficult to pick up Lia from the street. Hungry, covered in thorns, she quickly climbed into the car and was ready to go home.

Now Lia needs to be well fed, and a little later to be sterilized.

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