Someone tied a blind Pekingese to the fence near the cemetery and left.

Someone tied a blind Pekingese to the fence near the cemetery and left.

I did not manage to put aside emotions and find words to tell about our meeting at the cemetery for quite a long time.

I’ll tell you everything from the beginning.

There is a cemetery not far from our house, stray dogs constantly roam between the graves, and the cemetery workers and people from nearby houses feed them. Along the cemetery there is a road to the store and heading there, we noticed that local dogs were jumping at one of the fences.

The dogs were not aggressive, but they were clearly not going to leave the fence either. We got closer and were surprised to find that a Pekingese was tied to the fence. The dog was clearly in shock and could not understand what was happening and where he was. As we approached, the dogs moved away and began to watch from afar.

The Pekingese looked about 10 years old, he was thin, barely walked and could not see anything.

Putting aside my business, I started calling. The veterinary services did not respond, so there was no point in staying at the cemetery any longer. The Pekingese was taken home and already from home I began to look for someone who would accept him. We had 6 large dogs at home, there was simply no room for a Pekingese.

The dog remained calm and behaved calmly, although it was noticeable that he was confused. The accommodation option for him was never found, it was time to arrange for him to be paid overexposure.

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