Someone threw a small pregnant cat out of an expensive black car in the cold -30.

Someone threw a small pregnant cat out of an expensive black car in the cold -30.

Two years ago, at the beginning of winter, a tricolor cat was thrown out of a car. The baby was left alone at the store in a small town in the Orenburg region, and an expensive black car quickly drove away. 

The thermometer showed that the air temperature had dropped below 30 degrees, the cat was cold, constantly shifted from paw to paw to warm up a little and spun under the feet of the sellers leaving the store to attract attention and ask for help. Most simply ignored the cat, but Nikolai, who was driving by, noticed the animal, although he did not stop.

The next day, the man saw the cat again, she was lying under the bench at the bus stop, not far from the same store. This time he decided to get out of the car and come closer. He immediately realized that the cat was already breathing with difficulty, but the most terrible were four newborn kittens, because of the frost, they had already turned into ice statues.

The cat’s tail froze to the ground, in order to pick up the animal from the street, Nikolai had to pick out her fur from the snow with a screwdriver. The man immediately took the cat home.

Koko hardly moved to warm her quickly, around Alice, as the girl was called, they put bottles of warm water. Only after a few hours the cat began to move, gradually she came to her senses and began to drink, Alice refused to eat. Three days later, Koko had a fever, the veterinarian diagnosed inflammation and prescribed injections. Alice’s recovery was difficult.

After the cat’s health improved, the frostbitten part of the tail was stopped and sterilized. In winter, Alice had to live in a cage, because the cat Mura, who had been living in the house for a long time, categorically refused to accept the new one. Mura has not come to terms with another animal in the house and behaves aggressively towards Alice, so Nikolai decided to find a new family for the tricolor beauty.

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