— So we took it to the trash and threw it out. It is not clear how he ended up with you?

— So we took it to the trash and threw it out. It is not clear how he ended up with you?

The guy turned to volunteers with a request to find a family for a kitten.

It turned out that the kitten had appeared in their summer cottage. How the animal got there is not clear, so the guy decided to ask the neighbors. As a result, some of the summer residents said that the kitten was theirs, or rather it was, and then they just took it to the trash heap. How the animal turned out to be in another dacha is not clear, because there is a decent distance to the trash can from the house.

The kitten turned out to be affectionate, easily fell into the hands. Outwardly, the animal is very funny — it is very small, and the mustache and eyes are huge, the nose also seems longer because of the speck on the face.

It got colder on the street, residents began to disperse. Realizing that the animal itself would not survive, the guy took him with him to the city. He lives in a rented apartment, in addition, there is already an adult cat in the house, which has refused to accept the baby. The landlord is also against new animals.

The temporary owner took the baby to the doctor, made all the vaccinations by age. The animal behaved well and did not break free. The vet said that the kitten is a boy about two months old.

While the kitten stayed with the guy who found it, but the homeowner urgently demands to remove it from the apartment. A kitten knows what a tray and a scratching post are, but he never got a name, this fluffy will soon be given to a new family.

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