Skinny pregnant dog asked the child for a pie.

Skinny pregnant dog asked the child for a pie.

We met this dog a few weeks ago. The animal stood at the very roadway and tried to beg a piece of the pie from the girl. The dog was very thin, the round belly betrayed pregnancy, but on the rest of the body the skin was tight around the ribs. The dog looked at the girl with a hungry look, but the child did not understand that he wanted him and only looked at the animal with fear. I stopped the car and got out to help, because the girl was afraid to do at least some, the dog also obviously needed help.

Having bought a couple of pies, I went up to this strange pair, the dog immediately reacted, moving away from the child. The dog began to eat, and the girl was able to leave. From the seller in the store, I learned that the dog used to have a house and owners. The seller asked to find her a family, or at least sterilize and then return it back.

According to the seller, the dog is kind and quick-witted, although it treats people with caution. The dog has been on the street for a long time, periodically she has puppies, sometimes people manage to take them away, sometimes after a while they become the same stray dogs as their mother. We were looking for the owners of the dog, unfortunately, without success, meanwhile the time for childbirth was approaching. The first time we did not manage to catch the dog, as soon as she finished eating the pie, she quickly ran away. The seller promised to watch the animal and feed it.

The search for this dog was not part of our plans, but passing by the same place, I again saw how he was begging for food from passers-by. Even from afar, it was noticeable that the belly sank, which means that soon the dog will have babies.

We decided to catch the dog while we still had the chance. While Olga arranged the dog in the car, I already called the doctor and signed her up for sterilization. We were lucky, because if we had not caught the dog that day, very soon she would have brought 10 puppies into this world, many of which would have died quickly, because the exhausted mother simply would not have had enough strength to feed such a large offspring.

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