Six days the dog was waiting for help in an immobilized state.

Six days the dog was waiting for help in an immobilized state.

When I was shown a screenshot of a message about a dog lying on the street in one of the villages near Astrakhan, the animal had been suffering without help for more than 6 days. The girl who sent the screenshot asked for at least some help. To my surprise, there was no information about this dog in animal rights groups, which is why the animal died on the street for almost a week. We were only able to pick up the dog the next day.

The first assumption that arose in our mind was that the animal had a spinal cord, was paralyzed, only the swallowing reflex was preserved. We immediately went to the clinic, after an examination, the doctor unambiguously stated poisoning. Recently, stray dogs have been poisoned more and more often, and this animal has become another victim of man. The veterinarian prescribed a treatment that has proven itself well in the treatment of other four-legged patients. For the dog, we found a home overexposure.

It is a pity that we found out about the dog too late. For 6 days she did not receive the necessary treatment, so the body was thoroughly poisoned. The liver and kidneys suffered greatly, the lungs swelled. Looking at this dog, I constantly remembered Lima, for her the lost time became fatal. Her children are still in one of our overexposures.

I named the dog Fayta, by analogy with Fighter, a dog that was able to survive despite the fact that the veterinarians did not give him any chance. I really hoped that for this dog the new name would be happy.

Knowing that the dog’s chance of survival is small, we did not tell anyone about it and did not open a collection. After the story with Lima, we received a huge amount of negativity, which we tried to avoid this time.

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