Shelter dog adopts abandoned kitten.

Shelter dog adopts abandoned kitten.

A man found a barely born kitten at his site in Arizona. The kitten was so tiny that it was hard to notice, but the baby was crying so plaintively that it attracted the attention of a person. The man took the kitten to the house, and then called the rescuers.

The kitten was named Norris, the doctor estimated its age at 24-36 hours. The kitten hadn’t eaten anything since birth, and there was a serious risk of infections and stomach problems.

At the same time, a couple of newborn kittens of the same age were brought to the shelter in Norris. Volunteers placed the babies together and began to take care of them.

The dog Ava, who also lived in the shelter, decided to help the volunteers take care of the babies. Ava has replaced the mother for the kids, she takes care of all the kittens, but it is Norris who causes the most tender feelings in her.

“Norris reciprocates his foster mother, he is always waiting for her, as soon as Ava comes up, he runs to meet her in order to be with her for at least a few minutes,” volunteers say.

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