She was not given a chance: a bullet was found under the heart of a stray cat.

She was not given a chance: a bullet was found under the heart of a stray cat.

The company of a lonely woman from Astrakhan was only a cat. Four years ago, in the middle of winter, the woman died. The cat, who was 5 years old, was all alone on the street. The animal settled in an abandoned garage, and ate what the caring locals brought to it. After a while, animal rights activists found out about the cat, by this time the animal became very ill.

After picking up the animal, the volunteers immediately took it to the veterinarian. As it turned out, the cat had a specific disease — a bullet was stuck near the animal’s heart. Most likely, someone considered it a fun activity to hunt an unfortunate cat and shoot it from a traumatic weapon.

The doctors’ forecasts were not encouraging — there were very few chances to extract the bullet safely for the animal. Veterinarians thought the best way out was to simply euthanize the animal, but the volunteers disagreed.

The volunteers contacted their colleague in Krasnodar, who found a veterinary clinic that agreed to perform the risky operation. So Bullet, that’s the name the cat got, went to Krasnodar. A new examination showed that the bullet does not interfere with the life of the animal, it is encapsulated and there is no need to perform an operation. Doctors found several other diseases, but they were quickly dealt with.

Having recovered, the cat became cheerful and joyful. Her behavior dispelled the last doubts, showing that the bullet did not in the least prevent her from leading an active lifestyle. After treatment, Bullet began to live in a cat cafe in Krasnodar, where they named her Masha and began to look for owners. very soon Masha went to a new house, she was taken by the cafe administrator, who fell in love with the active and cheerful cat.

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