She was lucky twice: once in a snowdrift, the second time in the garage.

She was lucky twice: once in a snowdrift, the second time in the garage.

The girl was looking through ads, looking at photos of dogs. Two families lived in the house, the girl and her husband had a small child, the parents had a cat, so no one planned to bring a dog into the house in the near future. At the same time, the girl had long dreamed of a dog and periodically viewing ads made her feel that sooner or later her dream would come true.

A photo of a puppy appeared on the screen, lying on a dirty jacket in a dark barn.

Without realizing what she was doing, the girl wrote to the number indicated in the ad. It turned out that almost from birth, the dog lives alone in an old garage, and people just come in to feed it and visit a couple of times a day.

The girl took pity on the baby, and a few days later she received a message from her mistress. The woman wrote that no one except the girl was interested in her ad. The woman regretfully reported that the puppy would have to be sent to a shelter, because she could no longer leave her in the garage, but she could not take her home because of allergies from her relatives.

Without even consulting with her relatives, the girl decided that she would take the puppy from the garage. The image of a toddler in a cold garage stuck in her head, which did not allow her to change her mind.

The girl by Jeanie’s click was found in December, people noticed her in time and were able to help, but they couldn’t help her brother and Jeanie was left all alone.

In two months the dog grew up and it became clear that she was very quick-witted. Jeanie is very friendly and affectionate, quickly learned simple commands and is happy to follow them.

Walking is the dog’s favorite part of the day. She examines both people and animals around with great curiosity. Jeanie loves to play with the cat, arranging a race in the apartment.

The dog is about 4 months old, she loves to play and scratch, she tastes everything that comes into her field of vision, but as she grows up, it will pass. And Jeanie also loves people very much, in communication with whom she sees the meaning of her life.

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