Sad story of not saving a puppy.

Sad story of not saving a puppy.

Everyone loves to hear stories with happy endings. However, now let’s talk about the terrible things that have become commonplace in our time.

Victor is a volunteer who is active on Instagram. On his page, many saw puppies born in street conditions. Victor fed the kids, provided the necessary assistance and asked caring people to take them into their homes. But not a single person responded to his request.

One of the photos shows a happy little puppy jumping happily, squealing with happiness and wagging its tail. A few days later, the baby was gone, cruel people mercilessly poisoned it.

That is why we must do everything and fight for the life and rights of animals. Such cruel acts should be severely punished, this is not even discussed!

I also think that penalties should be tougher. To harm the life and health of innocent animals is an evil that cannot be justified. We should openly clarify these issues, broadcast social videos on television and on the Internet so that our children watch them and learn to show kindness to our smaller brothers.

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