Russian kitten Lucifer scared the western audience.

Russian kitten Lucifer scared the western audience.

It all started with information and fuzzy pictures of a kitten with strange eyes appeared in the European media. This gaze was more human than animal. It seemed as if there was a man in the kitten’s body. Western audiences immediately dubbed the gimmick «Russian werewolf». When passions subsided around this cat, we wondered why it caused such interest.

The kitten’s name is Lucifer and yes, this is a Maine Coon boy. He has famous parents and a very impressive pedigree.

This kitty is really real, and not drawn, as some believe. He was born in a nursery located in the Moscow region .

The baby is not a demon, but an ordinary thoroughbred kitten with unusual eyes. It’s all about his parents, just look at them!

The most curious thing is that his brothers and sisters are the most ordinary type of Maine Coon. Why, then, he had such eyes, cannot even be fully understood by the experts.

Many in the comments under the pictures of the Lucifer on the social network admit to being frightened and charming. Some are even ready to believe in the existence of magic in order to explain this uniqueness of the kitty.

Although, maybe this is just the appearance and the cunning work of the photographer? Maine Coon cats and so they all resemble demonic animals, and even more so in childhood, so maybe it’s the fantasy of some.

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