Rescued dog fed kittens who lost their mother with her milk and raised them.

Rescued dog fed kittens who lost their mother with her milk and raised them.

Stacey Jones often helps homeless animals, one of them was the dog Kiper, who became a mother a few days before. Keeper was found on the street, not far from the trash, where the previous owners left her. According to Kiper, it was clear that quite recently she had puppies, but it was not possible to find out the fate of her babies. The dog was given into the care of Stacy, and soon three kittens were brought to her, who from the first days of their birth were left without a mother. The girl thought that the dog and kittens could help each other.

To begin with, the girl introduced the animals to each other. The dog immediately reacted hostilely to the kittens, but this did not last long, and then she realized that there were little children in front of her and decided to help them. The dog licked all the kittens, and then lay down next to them. Just a couple of seconds was enough for the hungry crumbs to figure out what to do next, and they were finally able to eat enough.

The girl says that although she has been helping animals for a long time, this is the first time she has experienced such a situation. The dog fed the kittens for 5 weeks, while she treated them like her own children, the kids also, the kids also saw their mother in Keeper. The dog not only fed, but also raised the kittens.

Five weeks later, the kittens became independent and went to their new homes. According to Stacey, the kids managed to adopt dog habits from Keeper, but this does not interfere with their normal development, but rather adds a twist to the kids.

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