Relatives beat the dog so much that he ran into the store and just fell from powerlessness.

Relatives beat the dog so much that he ran into the store and just fell from powerlessness.

Sometimes it seems to me that only in our city people are so cowardly and squeamish. They watch the old dog being tormented by his brethren, but pass by indifferently. What should they do? — you ask.

It was possible to at least disperse this pack. Make sure the old man is left alone. How can you just stand by and watch such blatant cruelty? In any situation, you need to remain human. It is necessary to maintain compassion for all living things. Understand that it is very difficult for animals to survive on the street. This is especially true for those animals that were previously domesticated. They are not used to surviving in street conditions.

After his brothers crippled Rain, he hoped to get help from people. Nobody helped the poor fellow. He ran into the grocery store and fell.

When we picked up Rain, we saw that this huge dog was completely exhausted. He couldn’t even resist. Poor dog looks much older than his age. We learned from the neighbors that he is about 8 years old, but the dog looks like 20 years old. There is no living place left on Rain. He is tired of defending himself against aggressive dogs. Tired of hunger and cold.

Went to the vet. We hoped that Rain had only external damage, no internal damage. However, it was not possible to make a complete examination. During the night, the dog’s health improved slightly. He found a pot of meat, pushed back the lid, and ate his fill. That’s why we didn’t get tests.

The doctor pulled out Rain’s broken tooth. Also, he ordered to do an x-ray of the jaw, an ultrasound of the organs and pass tests. Rain was prescribed the necessary antibiotics. Now we need to fix the food. Rain is an adult dog, and its weight is only 20 kilograms.

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