Real lone father.

Real lone father.

Someone else’s cat was rambling in the yard of aunt Shura. She brought four kids, which are very much like the cat Max, which was the pet of aunt Shura .

She began to scold the cat that he brought kids but was not going to bring up. She put her Max to shame, and meanwhile she was feeding the mother cat, with the children.

Apparently the Max listened to everything attentively, and one fine morning Aunt Shura saw such a picture. The cat carries one of the kids in its teeth, brought it into the house and jumped onto the sofa with it. It turns out that he has already brought one of the kids there.

The mistress in a bewildered state grabbed the kittens and carried them back to the mother. The Max began to get nervous and ran after her. But neither the cat nor the two kittens were there anymore. Apparently, they divided them equally and fled without trial or investigation.

Well, what could aunt Shura do, she brought the kittens into the house.

The Max turned out to be very caring. Raised them like a real father. He played with them, made sure that they were not hungry. And if Aunt Shura was far away, then he found her and with loud shouts led her into the house so that she would feed his children.

The little handsome men, in turn, were very obedient, obeyed dad in all situations.

When the kids grew up they became even smarter and more beautiful. Every day they became more and more like dad. When they became independent, they gave one kitten to friends. And the second stayed to live with dad.

This, it turns out, is the case among animals. The lone cat raised his children himself. Or maybe cats really hear people and understand them, but the Max was tortured by his conscience, so he decided to take on such responsibility.

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