Puppy Vinny was thrown into the shelter. The dog was in a closed box.

Puppy Vinny was thrown into the shelter. The dog was in a closed box.

It was a beautiful warm day. The sun’s rays playfully jumped on the grass. People went about their business, but each of them walked past a light yellow room. In this room were unfortunate animals, abandoned to their fate. Here were collected dogs of various breeds. There were also cats, but in the minority. The shelter has been around for several years. It joyfully accepted all animals and opened its doors to those who needed help.

That’s what happened with this puppy. He was thrown right under the gate of the shelter. Working woman Elena, returning from work, drew attention to an unusual find — a closed box. Sometimes a faint squeak was heard from it. Elena opened the box and experienced a real shock.

A small puppy looked at her with frightened eyes. He was so tiny and defenseless. The dog squinted in the bright sunlight. The woman’s heart began to beat faster, she felt insanely sorry for this little baby. She couldn’t just leave him to certain death. As a result, the puppy was taken to a shelter. Elena began to regularly feed the puppy, he gained weight and began to look much better.

Elena became attached to the dog with all her heart and soon decided to take him to her house. She made this decision after talking with a friend. One day they sat at the table and talked heart to heart. Elena began to speak:

“Our foundling has already begun to walk. Do you remember telling you about the baby I found? He also had broken legs. I thought that he would not get back on his feet, but thank God, he is recovering».

Girlfriend replies:

«Why don’t you take him? you will not be alone, but with a friend, ”the woman shared her thoughts.

Elena listened to the words of a friend and took the puppy. She gave him a nickname — Vinny. The dog got stronger and recovered, and Elena’s care and love helped him in this. This woman has a very kind heart and a pure soul.

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