Price of freedom: fracture of two front legs and pelvis.

Price of freedom: fracture of two front legs and pelvis.

This doggie is approximately 6 to 10 months old. Many people think and so they directly tell or write to us: “Why did you close them in cages, let them go free!”. Although they sit in fairly spacious enclosures.

This is the price of freedom: a fracture of both front legs and also the pelvis. How strong should the blow be.

The dog is currently in the hospital and only a CT scan will show if there are any chances … We hope there is still a chance, and if there is, then we will definitely save him.

And still some believe that the dogs themselves will be able to feed themselves. Are you friends with your head at all? Dogs are not hunters by nature, they will just go to the trash. And then they will die from infections or come to people to ask for food. Some will give, while others will kick. And the one who feeds them will teach them to come to this place all the time, and after that the dogs will make their territory out of it, begin to gather in flocks and protect it.

There are somehow too many homeless animals in our country and this feeling is only getting bigger. There is only one way out so far — to sterilize so that uncontrolled reproduction does not occur, nothing else has yet been invented.


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