Phoebe was back in the cage after the soft couch. She did not immediately realize that she was left.

Phoebe was back in the cage after the soft couch. She did not immediately realize that she was left.

Phoebe is back on the waiting list. For some time she was in the family, but we did not report this, trying to make sure that she would stay there permanently. Our doubts were not in vain, and Phoebe lived in the family for quite a while.

She returned due to the appearance of an allergy in a child. The family was looking for options to leave the pet, but the tests confirmed an allergic reaction to dog hair, the parents did not risk the health of the baby. Such situations happen, it is not necessary to subject this family to condemnation, because they had very little choice of how to act.

Phoebe got back pretty quickly, which is good, because although she learned what it means to be at home, she did not have time to get used to it much, so it will be easier for her to adapt again to overexposure.

Phoebe we helped avoid capture. People who noticed her on the street took her to the vet and spayed her. They planned to let her go outside again, hoping that the sterilization tag would protect her from capture. we explained that when catching, they do not pay attention to such nuances and the dog should not return to the street again.

For the first time, we took Phoebe to the hospital, where she lived in a cage. It may not have been the best solution, but there she was fed, kept warm and protected from the dangers of the street. The girl also got a chance that sooner or later a family would be found for her.

Every day the dogs go for a few hours for a walk. Not all owners can provide such walks for their pets.

While Phoebe is worried and sad, because she hoped that she had found her home, but again she was abandoned. It is difficult for an animal to explain that there are circumstances that do not depend on people. Phoebe took this situation as a betrayal, so she is scared and hurt, but we believe that very soon she will be lucky and joy will reappear in her eyes.

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