Peter saved a stray dog ​​from cold and hunger.

Peter saved a stray dog ​​from cold and hunger.

Peter was 7 and raised as a good child. The child had many friends, he was loved at school and all the neighbors knew him, and he himself was very attached to animals.

Once Peter got carried away playing on the street, trying to build a small house out of branches. His game was interrupted by an unusual sound behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, the child saw a dog trudging slowly towards him. Peter sometimes saw this dog nearby, so he thought that he had a house and owners. But protruding ribs and a slow gait immediately betrayed him, the animal was left to itself.

Peter was not afraid of animals, even the homeless, so Peter went to meet the dog. Remembering his mother’s advice, the boy approached very carefully, and when he was nearby, he spoke quietly and calmly to the dog.

“Dog, you probably want to eat, but there is no one to ask?” the boy asked sadly.

The animal looked pitifully at the child, and after a few seconds simply lay down at his feet. Peter almost immediately understood what to do.

He rushed home with all his might and began to beg his parents to let him bring the dog home and keep it for himself. The boy was in a hurry and worried, he promised the adults that he would take care of the new pet.

Mother did not object to the pet, but went after her with the boy to make sure that her son was not in danger. As soon as Peter approached the mongrel, he immediately rushed to hug him, and in gratitude she buried her muzzle in his shoulder.

So the animal got a new home and a little owner with a huge heart.

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