People managed to save a cat with a bucket.

People managed to save a cat with a bucket.

In life there is always a place for a good deed, albeit a small one. And we are the best people to work in a team. It was these two components that saved the tailed and not particularly grateful cat. But maybe he was too scared.

The story took place in Malaysia, a small town. The Mustachioed fell into the water, but was able to hold on to the wooden debris.

There was just a soldier from the local volunteer brigade nearby, who noticed the cat in the water. He tried to rise the pet, but could not, because the furry beast was sitting uncomfortable. Then a passer-by hurried to help. He began to hold the soldier, and then a police officer approached them, who also decided to help. And still they couldn’t rise the cat.

The thing is that the animal dodged, it was impossible to pick it up, but it had nowhere to run. Then the men connected all their ingenuity!

A bucket came to their aid! In this particular case, it was a trash can that was just the right size to get the cat out of the water. So thanks to the teamwork they succeeded!

And the cat immediately ran away without saying thanks to his rescuers. But this was done for him by Internet users who said that such people should be followed by an example.

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