No one wants to take a kitten with big ears and fangs from the shelter.

No one wants to take a kitten with big ears and fangs from the shelter.

The staff of the shelter in which this kitten is located do not want to call it a vampire, although such a nickname suggests itself. But then no one will definitely want to take it home, only there may be some kind of outcast. They can’t call it Batman either, because the baby has a light color. So the baby grows up without a name, and the workers have no idea what to do with it.

So meet the eared and fanged kitten that has no name.

The baby belongs to the oriental breed, in which the ears are the hallmark. However, this kitten has more of them than ordinary cats of the same breed. From the very birth its ears were huge and it might even seem that this part of the head is growing and developing first, and then everything else. Of course, it didn’t grow up handsome, but it’s still very nice. However, it has one more feature — teeth.

A normal oriental kitten may surprise, but not frighten. This is how it looks:

But the smile of our cat is scary!

So the poor thing, because of her non-standard appearance, remains unnecessary in the orphanage. Still, one should not pay attention to the appearance, because the baby is unusually affectionate and friendly. It can be a wonderful family pet.

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