Next to the motionless puppies, the dog was already on the verge. Volunteers threw all their strength.

Next to the motionless puppies, the dog was already on the verge. Volunteers threw all their strength.

This dog had almost no hope that it could survive…

This dog in Omsk was noticed by passersby who noticed that the animal was in a terrible state, because for several weeks it had been starving and freezing just in the middle of the street. The animal literally died before our eyes.

The dog was dying not only from hunger, but also from cancer, and the worst thing was that already dead puppies lay next to it.

This dog met kind people on its way very late, but in spite of everything, people found volunteers and asked them for help.

The dog was taken to the shelter, it immediately became clear that she would need chemotherapy.

It was possible to find out how the dog ended up in such a state on the street. Amaly used to have owners, but then they just decided to leave the animal on the street. 

Once every few weeks, people came and brought the dog food, but such «care» was clearly not enough.

According to the veterinarian, the dog has become a mother more than once. The last puppies were born in severe frosts, so their chances of survival were low.

In the spring, the dog’s condition only worsened, because earlier it could get water from the snow, now, in order to quench its thirst, it had to look for a puddle.

In addition to hunger and wandering, the dog’s condition was worsened by a large tumor that gave rise to an unpleasant odor. The test results showed that the animal had sarcoma and that the disease was very advanced.

The shelter named the dog Dina. Doctors sterilized the animal, prescribed a long-term treatment for the animal, part of which is complex chemotherapy.

Despite all the horrors that Dina suffered, she managed to remain a very cheerful animal. this dog sincerely rejoices even a small corner in a common cage, the fact that she always has water and food.

Dina is a very smart and affectionate dog, so volunteers hope that after chemotherapy they will be able to find a new home and attentive owners for her.

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