Nelson with one eye.

Nelson with one eye.

This story is the most banal. The puppy was found by a man. He could not take him to himself, there were no funds for treatment. Wrote «could you take it under your control?». Then he sent photos of the foundling.

The child urgently needed medical attention. His eye was gouged out. How this happened is unknown. An urgent operation was performed. The puppy had an eye removed. We gave him a nickname — Nelson.

The dog is photogenic and has a calm disposition. His kindness is simply over the top. Below you can see the photos that we took right in the clinic.

We have many puppies at the shelter. They are so cute that it is impossible to describe in words. However, they are growing by leaps and bounds. Parasite treatment and vaccination required. Then sterilization is required. At the moment there are fifty puppies and two mothers in the shelter.

Click on the blue line and watch a video of the latest puppies arriving in January.

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