My Doberman adopted a kitten and became a foster mother for him.

My Doberman adopted a kitten and became a foster mother for him.

Not far from her house, Diana heard a plaintive meow. Looking into the bushes, she found a tiny kitten. The girl wrapped the baby in a warm scarf and took it home.

At home, the mistress and a ball of fur crying in her arms were met by the Doberman Ruby, a loyal and beautiful dog, invariably delighting those around him.

Ruby not so long ago became a mother of adorable puppies and showed herself in this capacity just magnificently. The owner of the dog hoped that with the same warmth and care she would treat the tiny kitten, which so needed warmth and attention. The result surpassed even the girl’s wildest expectations — the Doberman not only adopted the kitten, but also became a real mother for it.

Barely hearing the plaintive squeak of the cub’s, the dog took it under its wing, licked and warmed him. From that moment on, Ruby never let the kitten a step further. As soon as the baby went to travel around the new home, his big mother was immediately there to make sure that the cat was not in danger.

The kid appreciated such care and loves Ruby with all its heart, considering her its real mother.

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