My cat loves the hair dryer, besides, it looks great after it.

My cat loves the hair dryer, besides, it looks great after it.

Our cat is different from his other relatives in that he loves the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a hair dryer. If he simply likes to watch the former, then he has a different relationship with the latter. As soon as someone starts to dry his head, he immediately runs towards the sound. if the bathroom door is closed, then he will sit by it and yell until they open it for him.

Why does he love the hair dryer so much? There is no mystery here! He just goes crazy from the hot strong air flow. It may be due to its fluffiness, but I’m not sure. After that. Once I dry my hair, I have to blow the cat for another 20 minutes.

But most of all I like to dry him after I bathe him, because not only does he not mind it, but he also allows himself to be dried in a certain way. I direct the flow of air to the whole body, dry it, and then proceed to the main procedure.

I start to dry his muzzle. from this process, the hair on his face begins to stick out in different directions. Then I take a comb, which also does not frighten the cat, and begin to comb it. From this procedure, the cat becomes like a janitor from old cartoons.

I really like the fact that my cat loves the hair dryer!

And how do your animals feel about the hair dryer and vacuum cleaner?

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