"Mom, I want to get married," my 5-year-old daughter told me

«Mom, I want to get married,» my 5-year-old daughter told me

My daughter, Mane, has been dreaming about growing up almost since she was born.

It’s very hard to be small…

You have to listen to your elders, go to bed early, dress warmly, and even go to kindergarten.

My child endured the «clicks» for a long time, but when he turned 5, he decided to put an end to all this.

For several days he was very worried, he was doing heavy and light things, thinking…

In the end, my daughter found a way out.

I was cooking dinner in the kitchen when he came to me and excitedly announced.

«Mom, I’m getting married,» says my child.

«Okay, and with whom?» I ask him.

— Well, I don’t know yet. I will have to think.

I decided to help my daughter, after all we are solving an important issue. We started to remember all the boys in the kindergarten.


— Maybe you will marry Armen. He is a smart, serious guy, I suggest.

— No, Armen is a coward. He tells everything to his mother.

— Well, what if we choose Gori?

— Yes…he has a new bike too, said my practical child.

Of course, having your own transport is very good. But Mane discovered that, apart from the bicycle, Gor has no other positive aspects.

«Gor is lazy and whiny,» decided my older daughter, «he never washes his hands, his clothes are torn, his pants are lost in watercolor, and his shoes are always muddy.»

— Well, then he should get married. You yourself will wash his clothes, sew, clean his shoes. After all, you are already an adult, you will manage.

Mane began to think with a very serious face. It’s one thing to get married no matter what your mother says, it’s another thing to live the life of an adult, there’s so much to do…

And my daughter finally said:

«You know what, mother, maybe I won’t get married yet.» I’ll still make it…

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