Millions of hearts touched by a crying dog.

Millions of hearts touched by a crying dog.

The snapshot of this dog quickly went viral instantly and changed the life of the animal with the same staggering speed. That story shows that the Internet has tremendous power and it is up to people to decide whether to use it for harm or for good.

The dog lived for a long time in a shelter in one of the US cities. The dog was taken to the shelter from the street and his life there was not bad, only in American shelters it is customary to euthanize dogs that have not been able to find an owner for a long time.

Representatives of animal protection societies are trying to help such pets, they take pictures of them and publish them on social networks. In the post, volunteers write that the animal needs a new home urgently, otherwise, in a few days, his life will end. This is how the volunteers behaved at that time.

The dog, which was threatened with euthanasia, they photographed through the bars. The photo clearly shows the fear in the eyes of the animal, as well as its desire to live. The picture almost immediately went viral and flooded the Internet. Those who wanted to save the dog and give him a home literally cut off the shelter’s phones, so they quickly found a new home for the dog.

The dog was very happy when the new family came for him. He licked people, fawned over them. He had a few days left to spend in a cage, but now the dog has a long life ahead of him, which he will spend surrounded by people who love him. 

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