Mia weighed only 350 grams and was blind, but she found a loving home.

Mia weighed only 350 grams and was blind, but she found a loving home.

Everyone loves a touching story that ends well. Just such a story is the story of the life of a kitten whose name is Mia.

The blind kitten was found by the guys 200 kilometers from Moscow. It was a remote village that did not even have veterinary care for animals. We took the cat and brought it to Moscow. A veterinarian in Moscow gave our Mia a tragic diagnosis: the kitten lost her sight and will no longer be able to see.

Mia was just a baby, she will fit in the palm of your hand. And such a terrible test fell to such a small crumb. The reason for the loss of vision in a kitten is the insidious Caliciviridae virus. We started to treat our pet. It was still too early to do the operation, it was necessary to wait until she gained weight.

We bought toys for the little girl in her house so that she would not be bored and tried in every possible way to make her life joyful and fun. Finally it’s time to operate on Mia. Her eyes were cleared, dripped, and preparations for the operation began. Mia was operated on, the operation was successful.

Since Mia couldn’t see anything, she was used to communicating through tactile sensations. The doctor said: «Your kitty is very sociable and friendly».

And then a miraculous thing happened. A woman called and said she wanted to take Mia to her house. That’s how a blind kitten found sight and a loving mistress.

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