"Me? Stroking?": A homeless cat could not believe that he could be treated so affectionately.

«Me? Stroking?»: A homeless cat could not believe that he could be treated so affectionately.

The cat was named Store, as he was picked up near the store. To be honest, the word «picked up» is not entirely appropriate here, since he was running away from his rescuers. He was only caught because of his sore paws.

About this cat, Alena was told by her son Denis. According to him, he lived near the store, on the first floor of the house. And neighbor’s children tried to catch the cat, and when they did not succeed, they began to throw stones at him.

A few days later, Alena also saw this cat. He was wary of people, and at the slightest danger, he hid in the basement.

Probably, he would have been hiding in the basements from the local children until the end of his life, if he had not started having health problems. It got to the point where it was even difficult for him to move around.

But even in this state, he was not going to give up. To avoid scratches, Alena and Denis put on gloves.

Having won over the cat up, they took him to the veterinary clinic. Store showed his character there too, but the veterinarian was an experienced specialist.

Luckily, the cat didn’t have any serious problems. He needed proper nutrition. Also, it was desirable to vaccinate the animal.

Alena and her son, after the clinic, brought the cat to their home, which immediately hid under the sofa and did not come out for several more days. Under the sofa they put food for him.

On the second night, Store ventured out of his hiding place. then he stumbled upon the tray, immediately realizing what it was for him and what to do with it.

And a few days after that, he allowed people to touch him without sticking out his claws. And when the boy began to stroke him, surprise could be read on the cat’s face. Store did not understand why they showed him so much tenderness?

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