Long-lived cat turns 19: here's what he looks like.

Long-lived cat turns 19: here’s what he looks like.

Cats rarely manage to live beyond the age of fourteen. But there are also long-livers among them — just like among people. These cats live quite a long time. If you translate these years into human years, you get about a hundred years.

One of the cats living in the shelter recently celebrated its nineteenth birthday. This is a big age. The shelter staff wanted to somehow celebrate this event, arrange a real holiday for the cat.

A cat named Sammy ended up in a shelter after his elderly owner died. He was brought straight from the nursing home. When the man died, no one took the cat. So he ended up in the nursing home.

The staff realized that the cat would have to celebrate his birthday at the shelter, and decided that it was necessary to arrange a holiday. Many photographs were taken. After the pictures were published online, they went viral. People appreciated Sammy’s appearance. The cat was incredibly happy about the delicious food, and his blue shiny hat definitely attracted the attention of many.

In the text of congratulations for Sammy, the shelter staff separately noted that the cat is looking for a new home and will be happy to find new owners, celebrate his next, twentieth, birthday with them. They sang the song «Happy Birthday to You» for the cat. Meanwhile, Sammy was eating the delicious food that was offered to him.

The next day, the shelter was approached by people who wanted to take Sammy to them. The new owners fell in love with this wonderful cat to its sudden popularity as soon as they heard about him.

It turned out that Sammy had been heard on the net even before the photo from the day he was born. Photos with this cat were seen by many people. Users have loved this animal for a long time.

Employees insist that everyone who likes Sammy must visit the shelter. Because there are still many of the same elderly cats. And they all need a new home and a loving family.

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