Lives on the street, warms up in the entrance, eats what passers-by will give and waits for his master.

Lives on the street, warms up in the entrance, eats what passers-by will give and waits for his master.

Don’t turn your back on the animals you meet on the street. All they need is some simple food and attention. They ended up on the street because of the cruelty of their masters, and you show them that there is kindness in the world. Sometimes animals find themselves on the street not of their own free will and not even because of the indifference of a person, but because their owners have gone to another world.

That’s how this dog ended up homeless. His owner died unexpectedly, but the dog did not understand what happened, and now lives on the street, waiting for a loved one.

Day after day, the dog looked out for the owner, but he never came. The dog looked intently at passers-by, trying to find in their faces the features of the loved one.

One of the passers-by, a tall man, approached the dog and called it along. The dog did not go, he still believed that his master would soon come and take him away.

The man spoke in a calm gentle voice, he began to appear on the street every day, always bringing treats for the dog with him.

The dog and the man became friends. Time passed, the dog, as before, lived on the street, and the man came to him. The dog liked this man, but he still believed that the owner would return soon. After a while, the dog decided to still go to visit his new friend. The house was good, comfortable, but everything here was different from the house of the previous owner. That time the dog stayed only to eat, and then again went to his place on the street.

Time passed, the dog began to visit his friend more often, but he always stayed only for lunch, and then went outside again.

The dog remained to live on the street, spending the summer in the yard, and in the winter running to the entrance to warm up. He only comes to his friend to eat, and then he went out into the street again, all hoping that his master would return soon. For such devotion, the dog was named Friend, and people and other animals in the yard treated him with respect.

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