Little cat was born without elbows, but she was able to survive and find happiness.

Little cat was born without elbows, but she was able to survive and find happiness.

In 2016, one of the shelters adopted several kittens. Among them was a tiny and pretty girl who had a serious defect — the absence of elbow joints. Because of this flaw, the cat could not move normally, her movement was carried out only on her hind legs. The baby moved like a kangaroo. When the shelter workers first saw the kitty, they were surprised by her beauty, and also imbued with the plight of the kitten.

Of course, a cat with such a serious illness needed special care, so she stayed in a shelter. One of the workers at the shelter was Marnie Russ. This kind girl took in animals with similar problems, while looking for their owners. Of course, it was not easy, because not all people agree to bear such responsibility, but Marnie didn’t give up.

Marnie gave the kitten a nickname — Ru. At first, Ru moved exclusively on her hind legs, but the veterinarians and shelter staff did not give up, they carried out medical procedures for the baby. Then a real miracle happened — Ru began to walk on all fours.

Of course, the kitten’s front paws could not fully function and bent when moving, but this did not prevent the frisky cat from running around the house, playing and having fun. The gifts of fate for Ru did not end there. Marnie became so attached to the cat that she decided to leave her forever in her house.

After a few months Ru was hard to recognize. She turned into a sleek and well-groomed cat. Ru is distinguished by kindness and friendliness, she adores her mistress and cordially welcomes guests who come to the house.

The kitty is very lucky to have met such a nice person as Marnie. If she had ended up in another shelter, fate could have disposed of her in a completely different way.

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