Left the dog and cat in the country. They supported each other and survived as best they could.

Left the dog and cat in the country. They supported each other and survived as best they could.

Sometimes people treat animals so cruelly that it is completely impossible to understand or explain their actions. What drives people who only get pets for the summer holidays?

Often such animals are brought in when they spend the summer in the country, and when leaving back to the city they are simply left to the mercy of fate. Unfortunate owners do not plan to take animals to city apartments and do not think that they need to find a new home, they just leave and live as before, not thinking about how their yesterday’s pets survive. This story is a prime example of that attitude.

In the Ivanovo region, the owners of a cat and a dog, having returned to the city, simply left their pets in the country. The dog was not even let off the chain. After several attempts, Buck managed to break the chain, so he continued to run, with a piece of iron fastened to his collar.

Bucks was supported by the cat Ben, who was also abandoned outside the city.

The cat caught mice and shared the prey with the dog: in the cold, the animals warmed each other. Their friendship allowed both to survive the winter.

At the end of February, one of the site owners visited the dacha cooperative. The man decided to check his house and on the way to it he met Ben and Buck.

The sight of animals that had lived the winter on the street and starving horrified the man, so he decided that it was impossible to leave them alone, he need to take the animals with him.

The man found the former owners who abandoned their pets in the country, but they were not going to take them away. Other summer residents were outraged by such abuse of animals, but now Ben and Buck will live in a new house, with an owner who will not leave them like useless toys.

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