Kitty with a broken spine still managed to find a home.

Kitty with a broken spine still managed to find a home.

When Lady Meow was a kitten, she was picked up on the street by kind people. Even though the little one looked sick, she was still very cute.

The kitten was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic. After the examination, the doctor said that the animal’s spine had been broken since birth, for this reason its hind legs were twisted. But this feature didn’t prevent the kitten from finding loving owners.

They named the kitty Lady Meow for her love of sweet purring. The baby was cured of various ailments, but the spine could not be restored, so she remained disabled.

Thanks to special massages and a good diet rich in fiber and vitamins, the cat became strong and was able to move perfectly with only two legs. Despite the fact that Meow is difficult to climb on a hill, she runs quickly and climbs onto her owners laps.

In addition to Meow, the family has a disabled dog and another cat, whose paws are partially paralyzed. The owners know very well how to take care of animals with such features.

Lady Meow has become a beautiful and charming cat. Veterinarians say that with proper care, the pet will live a long and happy life.

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